The Proposal

We planned a vacation to Orlando in 2013 - If I had paid more attention I would have realized Joel was up to something:

  1. He told me we were spending too much money on this vacation, that he wouldn't be proposing.
  2. He told me to get my nails done.
  3. He insisted I pack something nice to wear in case we go somewhere nice (he had to literally pack me a dress!

Failed attempts:

  1. Our first night in Florida, we spent on the beach - it started to rain as soon as we got there, and his plans of proposing on a pier at sunset looking into the ocean was ruined.
  2. In Magic Kingdom I wouldn't stop following him around long enough for him to plan something big - but that's okay because attempt #3 left me breathless:
  3. We had been at the Magic Kingdom all day - we were hot, sweaty, and a little cranky (that may have just been me). At the end of the night we got settled to watch the Light Parade, then right after the castle is illuminated and a story of dreams and magic unfolds - it truly is magical!  The story ends with the words "wishes do come true" and fireworks illuminate the night sky.  At that moment Joel turns to me and asks "what is your wish?" I turn to him and reply "I don't know, what's yours?"  He grins and replies "that you'll say yes!" He gets down on one knee and before he can finish asking me to marry him I am crying and pulling him back up to me saying "Yes, yes, yes!!"
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